Hiring Trucking Companies

There is a shortage of drivers and an abundant supply of job openings. But with all the options available, which is the right one? There are many factors to take into consideration when deciding which company is best. You are probably either a new driver considering a job as a professional truck driver or you are currently one and are looking into changing your employer. Either way, the following questions are good to ask about the prospective company to ensure you will be completely happy with your new truck driving job:

Is The Compensation Package Reasonable?

Understand your new employer's compensation plan, will it be sufficient? There are so many different bonuses and pay scales that it can become confusing. Ask the company for a list of all the benefits and pay schedules. Make an estimate that realistically shows what you'll be making, according to what they offer.

Has the company been growing?

Do some research on the trucking company to see how it is doing compared to others. See if their business stable and reputable. Make sure the company you join is one that will give you stability for the future, so you won't have to go job searching again.

Does The Company Have Something Better To Offer Than The Others Do?

Is the company similar to others or do they stand out? Or offer things that you can't find at other companies? Ask the employer this question to see what kind of response you get. If it's a reputable, good company, there will be an immediate answer. The best trucking companies are the ones that can be straight up with you and explain all the details confidently.

Does this company provide the exact type of job you seek?

One of the main questions to ask is if the job is local, regional, or OTR. Get a clear picture of the amount of time you will need to spend in those areas so you can decide if that is what you truly want. Ask your employer about their runs, customers, and home time.

Will This Job Fit in With Your Lifestyle and Expectations?

If you have family priorities or important events, you will need to decide how you can work around that. Or if the job is worth sacrificing that time. Also, talk it over with your loved ones to make sure it won't negatively impact your relationships. If anything, this will let them know you do care about them first and foremost. A job is a necessity, however, so making a compromise could be the ideal situation.

Is Safety The Priority Of The Company?

Your safety come first. If the company isn't safety-first driven, then continue looking at other prospects. It's also very important that they provide you with high quality equipment that is safe ad reliable. They need to provide quality maintenance and safety inspections. Ask the company about their fleet as well as what safety measures they take. Make sure they have good CSA and CVR scores. If the scores are bad for faulty equipment or driver fatigue, this is a red flag that it is running drivers into the ground. Better pay is not worth risking your safety.

Is Their Scheduling Set Up Well?

The high paying carriers sometimes schedule in ways that push drivers too hard. Try to collect information from other drivers to see how a carrier does. Seeing how they conduct themselves along with the laws and regulations is very important. Don't trade higher pay for a company that puts you in risk with the law or your safety.

What Are The Terms And Conditions of OTR Driving?

Before accepting an OTR position that has you going into Canada, make sure your pay includes border wait times. Read the fine print concerning how they pay you in these situations. Some companies may try to not compensate you for your work. Make sure you are getting what you are worth in every possible situation that may arise.

Is it a family oriented business or very corporate-like?

Look into the quality of all the people that make up the company: the HR department, dispatchers, shipping and receiving departments, mechanics, and customers. It's important to see how everyone works together. Many drivers end up quitting due to the working relationships within a company. The company you will want to work for is one that can work as a team. Dig deep into the company's profile and people to make sure they are high quality. A good company has management that ensures proper interaction. You should feel comfortable in your job and be able to count on your co-workers to work with you as a team.

Is there room for growth?

Many of the trucking companies are owned and operated by people that started as drivers. If you would like to advance in the company in the future, then check out the management people. Are there any that started out as drivers? This is an indication that you could advance just as they did. If there are people on the top that rose up within the company, then this is a good one to work for. There are some companies that hire from the outside instead of developing internally.

Is there an "Open Door Policy"?

This is where drivers can walk in and talk to the higher-ups at any time. You should be able to confide in upper management when you feel there is an issue that needs resolved. A good company will allow your input, consider what you say, and care about how you feel!

Ready to start?

This is a good and growing industry: There are many perks, good pay and bonuses, and definite job security for your future. To start, choose choose your state below. Alternatively, you can view high paying companies on our corporate site.

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